Alan Strudwick Consulting have enabled significant advances and breakthroughs for a diverse range of corporate clients and non-profit organisations globally. The key focus of Alan Strudwick Consulting is to catalyse the actualisation of their client’s corporate vision through the development and implementation of innovative and workable strategies.

Alan Strudwick Consulting know the keys to develop effective organisations that align leadership, strategy and culture to forge the company ahead with change that brings significant and lasting transformation.

In partnership with their clients, Alan Strudwick Consulting effectively identifies key requirements, develops tailored strategies and completes efficient implementation – with Quantum results.

The proven combination of client-centricity, corporate insight and solid strategic services has consistently produced success for clients of Alan Strudwick Consulting in their quest for profitability, growth and a sustainable competitive edge.

These are some of the corporations that have experienced significant and sustained change through strategic partnership with Alan Strudwick Consulting.



Alan's business acumen began to develop from the age of 16 years when his father purchased him his first business. His passion for business continued to grow and launched him successfully into the world of Professional and Personal Development at age 22. By the time Alan was 26, he had become an international company's Training Facilitator for Australia, USA and Asia. In 1988, at 30 years of age, Alan began his own international consulting and training company.

With a broad and successful background in business spanning 40 years, Alan has competently brought skilled implementation of strategies, practical facilitation techniques and advanced training programs to companies across the world. His obvious and credentialed long-term experience in the business world, together with his professional skill levels, command respect and attention from corporations across the world.


Ben is a dynamic and accomplished business consultant with extensive advisory experience across diverse market sectors. Ben has a passion for defining, communicating and delivering a cohesive strategy that brings focus, direction and energy to fulfil the organisation’s vision.

Ben effectively influences stakeholders to focus on key drivers and strategic interventions through his proven ability to clearly articulate business needs into solutions.


Mandy is a highly-successful Business Manager with over 20 years experience across a variety of industries including private investment, family office, non-profit, construction and also media.

The combination of Mandy's results-orientation and lateral-thinking style has enabled the successful execution of a wide-range of strategic projects both domestically and internationally.

Mandy's most recent project involved working with the Executive Team at Legatum Limited, a USD multi-billion global investment fund based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.